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Other Cooking Experiences

Learn a little, laugh and eat a lot!

Please see below for our other cooking experiences. Check out our bookings page for available dates.   

All classes can also be booked as a private class. Gather a group of friends or family, contact us for dates. Minimum of 4 people required. You must be 16 years plus to attend. 


Mozzarella and Pizza Creation - $120 per person

Nothing compares to fresh mozzarella! We will start with everyone learning to make the pizza dough from scratch, learning about yeast and the importance of the rise. Whilst the dough is rising we will make the cheese. 


In pairs you will learn how to make mozzarella from scratch. A process that will involve creating the curd, cooking the curd and then stretching the curd! 


Finally we will use our freshly made mozzarella cheese to create an authentic Margherita pizza. Into the wood fired pizza oven they will go. Then sit down and enjoy your pizza along with a glass of Bellarine Peninsula wine. We will finish the afternoon with a glass of handcrafted Limoncello, the perfect way to finish an Italian meal. Please note in the event a Total Fire Ban day is declared the experience will need to be cancelled / rescheduled. This is not advised until the day before. 


Let's Celebrate the Strawberry -$175 per person

At Harvest Experience we grow pretty amazing strawberries. Our spray free berries are left to fully ripen on the plant, ensuring the sweetest juiciest berries. 

We will begin the day by harvesting the freshest of berries from our vertical strawberry garden. We will then utilise the strawberries in an array of savoury and sweet dishes. We will also utilise ingredients from our kitchen garden. We will share out the various dishes to be cooked amongst the group. We will even utilise some of the strawberries in a cheeky cocktail. Once cooking is complete we will sit down and enjoy all the dishes together with a glass of wine. 


These events are held at limited times based on the strawberry growing season. 


Pasta and Pinot - $135 per person

Join us for a fully immersive fun pasta making class with some vino on the side! You will learn to create handmade pasta dough from scratch. We will make fettuccini and filled ravioli. The ravioli will be filled with roasted pumpkin and ricotta. But we won’t use supermarket ricotta we will learn to make our own from quality milk. It’s then on to rolling our pasta ready for filling, cutting and shaping. Once filled we will learn the top tips for cooking pasta . The fettuccini will be served with a classic Neapolitan sauce. The ravioli is served with a burnt butter sauce and freshly picked sage.  Once cooking is complete we will sit down and enjoy our creations for lunch accompanied with some Bellarine Peninsula Pinot Gris or Pinot Noir. You will also have enough pasta left to take home and share with your family.  NB: These classes are available in the cooler months from May to September. 


Sweet and savoury - $120 per person

These experiences involve making a jam or fruit butter along with a savoury relish or chutney. It will be guided by what is in season and include combinations such as:
Fig jam and tomato relish. 
Gin and cumquat marmalade and chilli jam.

You will also have a guided tasting of some of our Three Owls products, made on site at Harvest Experience.

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